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City: Bainbridge Island
State: Washington
Email Address: julianaperez_8@msn.com
Phone Number: (206) 310-2005
Jeremy Smith
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City: Puyallup
State: Washington
Phone Number: (253) 861-9491
My name is Jeremy Smith and I run The Ties That Bind Us All. My mission as a celebrant is to provide beautiful, meaningful secular life celebrations including weddings, baby namings, rites of passages and funerals.
Jennifer Chamberlin
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City: Bremerton
State: Washington
Phone Number: (360) 286-1313
Jennifer Chamberlin lives in the Pacific Northwest and has been endorsed to perform secular invocations since 2017. She was the first woman to deliver secular invocation to Washington State Legislature, the first secular invocator for Washington State Senate, and the first secular invocator for Bremerton City Council. She works in education and is an advocate for the Establishment Clause. Jennifer is also a contemporary artist and poet. She serves on the City of Bremerton Arts Commission. Jennifer Chamberlin is available to perform secular ceremonies and deliver invocations.