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City: Denver
State: Colorado
Phone Number: (303) 681-7493
Jason Frye
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City: Austin
State: Texas
Email Address: jasondfrye@gmail.com
Phone Number: (619) 646-2191
I have been performing secular ceremonies since 2006. I have also performed invocations for the San Diego City Council. For years I was in California and I am now in central Texas (Austin). As an experienced celebrant, I am here to help.
Joshua Richards
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City: Houston
State: Texas
Email Address: Josh@houstonoasis.org
Phone Number: (832) 3031465
I am a chaplain and ex-minister who has experience performing marriages and funerals. I have familiarity with, and am also available to counsel those who are facing death, leaving religion, or struggling with addiction. I also love speaking about Religion, Philosophy, and Atheism and my path leaving the ministry.
Keith Becher
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City: Satellite Beach
State: Florida
Email Address: kjb2356@gmail.com
Phone Number: (414) 803-7084
I’ve been a Humanist Celebrant since 2015. It is not my primary job, yet I am honored to perform non-religious ceremonies whenever I am available. I have done weddings, funerals, vigils, and vow-renewals. These events are important to those involved and I like to work with the participants to develop a custom ceremony tailored to their needs.
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State: Texas
Email Address: mattowens1209@att.net
Phone Number: (817) 6805885
Offering standard to highly-customized ceremonies