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Sarah Bland
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City: Nashville
State: Tennessee
I am a former christian music minister with over a decade of experience in ministry. I left religion and began a journey towards scientific research and Humanism. I am happy to officiate weddings, funerals, name changes, divorces, transgender services, and more.
Rabbi David S. Gruber
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City: Frisco
State: Texas
Phone Number: (469) 2220047
I will gladly officiate at your Jewish, interfaith or non-traditional wedding ceremony, no ifs, buts or maybes! I will happily co-officiate with non-Jewish clergy, officiate on Friday night or on Saturday, and I will leave child rearing decisions to you. I have officiated over 400 weddings, since 2008. Located in Dallas, Texas, I will travel anywhere you need me to go (in the U.S. or abroad) to officiate at your interfaith wedding, and help make your special day truly wonderful.
Philip Lingle
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City: Fairview
State: North Carolina
Phone Number: (828) 7689355
Philip Lingle is the Founder & Director of Asheville Marriages. They are a team of open-minded wedding officiants serving primarily western North Carolina.
Nicholas Deslattes
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City: Chattanooga
State: Tennessee
Email Address: nbd042@protonmail.com
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City: Birmingham
State: Alabama
Phone Number: (205) 552-8875