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Nancy Morrison
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City: Lake Forest Park
State: Washington
Phone Number: (510) 4566196
Gayle Jordan
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City: Murfreesboro
State: Tennessee
Phone Number: (615) 5566224
I am delighted to perform humanist services for significant life events, such as weddings, funerals, adoptions, divorce, partnerships, gender identity announcements, and other rituals, without the inclusion of any religious language or dogma.
Bonnie Reagan Walker
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City: Nashville
State: Tennessee
Email Address: bonnie@celebrants.life
Phone Number: (615) 885 0928
We guide couples through the process of creating a wedding ceremony that is right for them – one that they will always remember, reflecting this very special step into their life-long commitment. We also offer memorial services, milestone birthday ceremonies, along with ceremonies to mark any milestone-of-passage in your life.
Kristi Walters
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City: Newcastle
State: California
Phone Number: (916) 836-5269
Kristi’s work helps other human beings with end-of-life issues such as death anxiety and fear. She is a secular officiant for funerals, memorial services, and other death rituals.
Darin Stewart
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City: Portland
State: Oregon
Phone Number: (503) 971.269.8285