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Anthony Cruz
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City: New York City
State: New York
Phone Number: (787) 940-6156
Anthony hails from Caguas, PR and currently lives in New York City. He earned a master’s degree in Theological Studies and is currently completing his master’s degree in Leadership in Humanist Studies. Anthony is a deep listener and creative celebrant, imbuing his engagements with thoughtful and personal flair. He is bilingual in Spanish and English. Anthony looks forward to connecting with you for all your life cycle needs.
Karin Dremel, MTS
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City: Boulder
State: Colorado
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Phone Number: (303) 808-6280
I offer humanist contemplative exploration and dialogical companionship (often called spiritual direction) mainly serving in my Chaplain function My emphasis is the co-created ‘between’. I look forward to sharing my cis-cendental passion for grounding and nourishing fellow humans.
Tiffany Stevens
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City: Brooklyn
State: New York
Happy to support you the celebration of your love! Together, we will amplify the profound meeting of marriage in a secular tradition for the two of you, your community and humanity.