New York

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Carol Hope
New York
(585) 820-7180
Diane Kirschner
New York
(718) 499-4291
Ceremonies can have varied purposes, yet at their core they connect us to each other and to life. Together we fashion a program that conveys what is important to you in ways that engage those present. I look forward to talking to you to see how I can help you create a memorable and meaningful ceremony.
Donna Forsythe
(484) 369-0252
Congratulations! Your wedding day is a celebration of your unique relationship and your decision to make a lasting commitment. If you are looking to create a wedding ceremony that is personal, memorable, and focuses on you, I may be the perfect choice to officiate your wedding. Contact me and arrange for a casual visit to learn more about my services and to see if you would like me to represent you on this most special day.
Santa Fe
New Mexico
Alice Ladas
(505-) 471-6791
After interviewing the couple to discover what they want in their wedding ceremony, I create one. This draft is submitted to the couple for additions and corrections.That becomes their ceremony.