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Dr. James T. McCollum
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City: Emerson
State: Arkansas
Email Address: jtmccollum@saumag.edu
Phone Number: (501) 476-4038
I’m now on emeritus status and only perform life’s passages ceremonies if no one else is available.
David Hutchinson
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City: Huntington
State: West Virginia
Email Address: captain.dh@gmail.com
Phone Number: (304) 399-7465
I am an ACPE Certified Educator who loves the work of educating students in the field of spiritual care. My theory base comes from Existential Humanist frameworks.
Charles Urstadt
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City: New Orleans
State: Louisiana
Phone Number: (504) 457-8989
The Officiant Office of New Orleans was created to help couples fashion a wonderful wedding ceremony that meets their needs – from simple to elaborate…traditional to unusual. We have seen it all…and we embrace it! Most importantly, we want the couple to be the stars of the show. Creating and writing wedding ceremonies is our specialty. Working with our couples, we help expresses the love and joy one of life’s most significant moments.