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Howard Katz
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(630) 879-5818
Holding a Diploma in Secular Ceremonies, I offer custom services for all life-cycle events from baby-naming ceremonies to memorial services, with service lengths from just a few minutes or longer. It’s your and your family’s day and event – make sure the ceremony you need is written with your requirements in mind!
New York
(347) 5816703
Hi. My name is Max and I became a Humanist celebrant in 2018. I am an attorney and live in Brooklyn. I’m a dog person, blue belt in Brazilian jujitsu and do the Polar Bear plunge in the icy waters of Coney Island every January 1.
Bart Campolo
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(513) 404 2431
I became a celebrant, counselor, and university chaplain because I love helping people make the most of life’s biggest moments. I’m a warm, friendly community builder with loads of onstage experience, so this work comes naturally to me. I spent three decades as a Christian minister before slowly losing my faith, but unless we’re talking about spirituality, even my closest friends can’t really tell the difference. I always believed in the transformative power of love, and I still do.
Zachary Ostrem
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Zachary is currently a hospice chaplain. He has worked in multiple healthcare networks and the military. Zachary’s education began in theology and church leadership. Through studies and experiences, his beliefs started to change and emerge. After years of transformation, Zachary returned his ordination and found Humanism, which continues to resonate with his values and practice. He would be happy to join you in celebrating your important occasion or event. Inclusive, authentic, adaptable.