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Barbara Vandermeer
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Offers services in::
City: Gainesville
State: Florida
Phone Number: (860) 5340405
David Hutchinson
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City: Huntington
State: West Virginia
Email Address: captain.dh@gmail.com
Phone Number: (304) 399-7465
I am an ACPE Certified Educator who loves the work of educating students in the field of spiritual care. My theory base comes from Existential Humanist frameworks.
Reid H. Ahl
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City: Kigali
Email Address: reid.ahl@me.com
Phone Number: (724) 735-4407
Currently serving overseas in Rwanda and Burundi, but often travel to the Pittsburgh area to see family and the St. Petersburg, Florida area where we own a home. Enjoy creating personalized services for all significant life events and rights of passage.
Abbie Rolf
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City: Largo
State: Florida
Email Address: abbie.rolf@gmail.com
Abbie is a member of the LGBTQIA+ community and they are pleased to offer secular celebrant services, consistent with Humanist values, to their LGBTQIA+ siblings as well as those outside of the community.
Bob Berlin
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City: Macon
State: Georgia
Email Address: dma-adr@mindspring.com
Phone Number: (478) 7474000
Full service customized to your requirements.