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Robin S Smith
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City: Bethesda
State: Maryland
Phone Number: (240) 390-6381
Congratulations on your engagement! The wedding is coming up soon, and I bet you’re very excited and eager to celebrate the big day. This is a time of high excitement and high stress. As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified PREPARE/ENRICH Premarital Counselor, you are in good hands! I can’t wait to be a part of this meaningful day with you and your families.
Pattie Mackenzie
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City: Chicago
State: Illinois
Email Address: pmackenzie@colum.edu
Phone Number: (847) 475-8898
Hi! I am an ethical humanist celebrant in the Chicago area but have traveled to other states performing weddings. My eclectic background as faculty and staff in higher education inspires opportunities to help create unique, personalized memorials or wedding celebrations, including surprises if desired. Let’s chat.
Nick Sheridan
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City: Baltimore
State: Maryland
Phone Number: (443) 841-5650
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City: Birmingham
State: Alabama
Phone Number: (205) 552-8875
Michael Cox
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City: Stewartstown
State: Pennsylvania
Email Address: mscoxpa@gmail.com
Phone Number: (740) 405-5775
Through studying the Bible as a Church of Christ Preacher, I eventually became convinced that it was written by man, not a god. As a humanist, I pursued the AHA Celebrant endorsement as a means of aligning with and advocating humanist values.