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City: Cambridge
State: Massachusetts
Email Address:
Phone Number: (617) 353-2884
Jared Anderson
City: Salt Lake City
State: Utah
Email Address:
Phone Number: (801) 803-2116
Jared Anderson specializes in personalized ritual informed by study of culture and Social Science. He is happy to perform weddings, funerals, and other rites of passage, as well as speaking and community organization. He works full-time as a Humanist chaplain in university, hospice, and prison environments.
Joshua Lewis Berg
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City: Oak Park
State: Michigan
Phone Number: (818) 530-6001
There are countless reasons to celebrate life. It would be my privilege to talk to you about creating an awesome moment to tell your story and reflect on the wonder that is your life.
Joshua Richards
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City: Houston
State: Texas
Email Address:
Phone Number: (832) 303-1465
I am a chaplain and ex-minister who has experience performing marriages and funerals. I have familiarity with, and am also available to counsel those who are facing death, leaving religion, or struggling with addiction. I also love speaking about Religion, Philosophy, and Atheism and my path leaving the ministry.
Rev. Renee L. Reif
Offers services in:
City: Colorado Springs
State: Colorado
Email Address:
Phone Number: (719) 382-9115
I can accommodate requests to perform secular weddings, funerals/memorials and Celebrations of Life, naming and coming of age ceremonies and invocations, as well as combined belief services (work with other clergy). Help with finding urns, remembrances, memorial jewelry. Help with writing eulogies, vows, finding readings, music, activities, and honors, and organizing your thoughts. Incorporate tradition, new ideas, culture, personality, symbols, pastimes and more into ceremonies. Specializing in Humanist and secular services, ceremonies and memorials.